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To increase awareness and involvement of women in the sport of the Highland Games. Promoting a fun, active, family friendly and competitive sport by providing information and resources to all those interested in joining us in our continuing adventures!

Please see our FAQ page for all those burning questions you have about how you participate, what to do, who to talk to and where to go!

Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 Women’s Highland Team Challenge - Texas

The Inaugural Women’s Highland Team Challenge is going to be held on Saturday October 15th 2011 in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex area. It's being held in conjunction with the Celtober Highland Games, the men’s events are on Sunday, October 16th at the same venue. Which is next to the Zoo! If you have not thrown a stone and then heard a lion roar… you are missing out!

Hosted by the North Texas Heavy’s - they are very excited about this event, and hope you can make it! Your entry and waiver must be postmarked by August 15th, 2011; for a copy of the rules and an entry form drop an email to Duncan at (Duncan.mccallum01@gmail.com).

Or you can follow the links for the FORMS and WAIVER.

All the games events will be contested
(Braemar Stone and Open Stone, 14# and 28# WFD, Hammers 12# and 16#, caber, 10# Clevenger Sheaf, and WOB - spinning allowed) as well as some team-oriented challenge events for bragging rights.

NASGA/RMSA rules apply; these are Amateur events and a standard waiver will be required before competing.

The athletes will be put into teams and compete as a team and as individuals.

There are amazing prizes up for offer
(sheaf’s, forks and more goodies!), as well as free food from My Fit Foods, all complimented by the great Texas crowd and hospitality. October is also warm (for your northerners!)

There is a Host hotel, The Marriott Courtyard West. It’s down the street from the games venue that is offering rooms for a reduced rate of $85/night. They will also have a free shuttle to the grounds.

This promises to be an amazing event and worth the trip. We ladies here in Texas hope you can come and join us.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Texas Games - Scarborough Faire Highland Fling Weekend

April 30 and May 1st the Scarborough Faire Festival is hosting its
Highland Fling weekend.

An event not to be missed, there will be all the regular events at a Renaissance festival (food, craft, costumes, & entertainment) plus the Highland Games and Caber Championship that Saturday and Sunday.

Its going to be packed full of amazing competitors

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jamie Channel - Women in the Highland Games

Today we have a guest post, written by the very lovely Jamie Channel.
2011 - 8th place at the Arizona Scottish Highland Games World Women's Championship
2010 - 10th North American Overall
2009 - 26th North America Overall

Jamie was kind enough to spend a little bit of time to share her experiences with us in relation to beginning her participating in the Highland Games.

"In 2009, I attended my first Scottish Highland Games in Warrensburg, MO. I had no idea what they were or how they worked. After sitting around watching these men and women throw around heavy things all day, I thought to myself, "I can do this!" And so began my Highland Games career.

I started practicing and a month later competed in my first competition. Luckily, I seemed to have some luck with a few of the events, so I was really encouraged.

Since then, I have been addicted and haven't looked back! Last year I competed in about 12 different games around the four states. I have been an athlete my entire life, but I can honestly say, I have never competed with a better group of people than throwers.

There is a certain camaraderie and friendship that you have with your fellow throwers that isn't commonly found among athletes. The people you beat are the first ones to congratulate you and the people beating you are the first to offer advice.

When it comes to being a female thrower, it is not all about being a huge freak of nature, it really is about technique. You wouldn't be able to tell some of the best ladies in the world are throwers just by looking at them.

It is an amazing sport and I implore anyone who wants to throw, to just get out there and try. That is where to start. Trust me, you WILL fall and you WILL get thrown around at first, but just stick with it. Give the sport a chance!

Thank you Jamie!!!

Worlds Largest Kilt - Help us lift it!

You can be part of a World Record...

Monday, April 11, 2011

San Antonio Games Results

The San Antonio Highland Games were a complete success!

There were 6 women competing, crowd & supporters were loud and cheering all day, and the weather was beautiful.

This was the second invitation that women throwers have had to these games, and I’m proud that the competition was so excellent and that women had a very exciting showing for the crowd.

The overall winner on the day was a Southern Carolina athlete, Kelly Niklason. Our own native Texan Brittney Boswell was second. The field was rounded out by 3 more Texan residents: Tammy Kentner, Sarah Densmore, and newcomer to the games Lisa Moretta. This was the very first games that Lisa competed in and she did great! The final competitor was Tomasina Miller from Louisiana. Tomasina blew us all away in the sheaf toss, she is a natural! (photo of Tomasina in action)

There were a lot of personal records for the women set that day and I believe some field records were made as well. The scores are yet to come out on the NSAGA website. When they do I will be sure to update the final places.

The festival itself was fantastic; lots of music, dogs, Celtic wares, sporting and traditional displays, and Clans were there to browse. The men’s and masters completed both Saturday and Sunday. There were a number of World Records that were broken by the masters.

How do I play? The Hammers

The Hammers

This event is one that is very similar to the Olympic style Hammer throwing. The hammer has a lead or steel head with a bamboo or rattan handle affixed through a hole in the head. The shape of the hammer varies from round (like a mini cannonball) to square or bullet shaped. All are legal provided the length does not exceed 50"

There are 2 hammer events. The heavy and light hammers. Women’s heavy hammer is 16lbs. The light hammer is 12lbs. The only difference between the two events is the weight. The style and technique are the same; of course, your light hammer should go a little farther!
Photo credit: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6897365.stm

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy National Tartan Day

April 6, 2011 is National Tartan Day!!

National Tartan Day honors and celebrates Scottish culture and the role it has played in the development of the United States.

Canada has been celebrating Tartan Day since 1993 and the U.S. Senate officially passed it into law in 1998.

There are three groups of people that came from Scotland to America -- the Lowland Scotts, the Highland Scotts, and the Scotch-Irish. Each of these groups has influenced American culture. They've passed on Scottish last names, introduced the sport of golf, shared the sounds of the bagpipes, and made tartan a fashion staple!

Tartan is a crisscrossed pattern of horizontal and vertical bands woven into cloth. It is made by weaving colored threads at right angles to each other.

The Dress Act of 1746 attempted to ban tartan and other aspects of Gaelic culture in order to bring people under tighter government control.

The law was repealed in 1782 and tartan became symbolic as the national dress of Scotland.

To celebrate National Tartan Day, wear your favorite tartan and celebrate Scottish-American culture!