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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How do I play? 2. The Stones (Open and Breamar Stone)

Putting the Stone

1. Open StoneWomen's Standard Weight: 8 lbs. to 12 lbs

There is no real standard size or weight of the stone. Its more of a range of weights and shapes! Everything from the common river stone to an actual shot put (as you would see at a track and field game) can be used.

The stone must be "put" (or thrown) with one hand and with the stone remaining against the neck throughout the throw until the release. Any throwing style may be used as long as the rules are followed and the style is deemed safe by the judge.

The back line will be drawn 7'-6" from the trig and you are allowed to use any form of movement to gain momentum while getting to the trig to throw.

The most common are: shuffle, spin, and glide. Although, some people just run on up and give'er all they got. That's cool too!

Here is an awesome little compilation of video on youtube with some of the throws. Not the most exciting commentary, but some great motion on the Open Stone throw.

2. Braemar StoneWomen's Standard Weight: 13 lbs. to 18 lbs.

The same rules apply in the Braemar Stone Put as in the Open Stone Put except there is no approach or forward movement allowed. The stone must be put from a standing position, however, you can reverse the feet after the release should you need to (which you will because you will be powerful and awesome! I can just tell from the way you are reading this!!)

Here is a great clip of the breamar stone in action!

**above picture credit: http://eastcarolinabarbell.com/2010/04/loch-norman-highland-games/

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