About Texas Women's Highland Games

Our Purpose:

To increase awareness and involvement of women in the sport of the Highland Games. Promoting a fun, active, family friendly and competitive sport by providing information and resources to all those interested in joining us in our continuing adventures!

Please see our FAQ page for all those burning questions you have about how you participate, what to do, who to talk to and where to go!



What is Highland Games?
The simplest explanation I have tripped across to date is that they are field events with considerably more weight. My experience has been they are a joy. The events are feats of strength and skill that require you to never take yourself too seriously.  The community of throwers are a welcoming, warm, and ever ready to help you become your best.

Listing of Highland Games in Texas in 2011

Common Events
Caber, Sheaf, Braemar Stone, Open Stone, Light and Heavy Weights for Distance, Light and Heavy Hammers and Weight Over Bar.

How Do I Play?  1. The Field, Throwing Area, and Trig

How do I Play?  2. Putting the Stones (Open and Breamar Stones)

How do I Play?  3. Weight over bar/Weight for Height

How do I Play?  4. The Hammers