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Monday, April 11, 2011

San Antonio Games Results

The San Antonio Highland Games were a complete success!

There were 6 women competing, crowd & supporters were loud and cheering all day, and the weather was beautiful.

This was the second invitation that women throwers have had to these games, and I’m proud that the competition was so excellent and that women had a very exciting showing for the crowd.

The overall winner on the day was a Southern Carolina athlete, Kelly Niklason. Our own native Texan Brittney Boswell was second. The field was rounded out by 3 more Texan residents: Tammy Kentner, Sarah Densmore, and newcomer to the games Lisa Moretta. This was the very first games that Lisa competed in and she did great! The final competitor was Tomasina Miller from Louisiana. Tomasina blew us all away in the sheaf toss, she is a natural! (photo of Tomasina in action)

There were a lot of personal records for the women set that day and I believe some field records were made as well. The scores are yet to come out on the NSAGA website. When they do I will be sure to update the final places.

The festival itself was fantastic; lots of music, dogs, Celtic wares, sporting and traditional displays, and Clans were there to browse. The men’s and masters completed both Saturday and Sunday. There were a number of World Records that were broken by the masters.

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