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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to prep for the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever caught yourself saying this, “I am fit, I work out, why is this so hard? There is no way I could survive the zombie apocalypse in this condition!”  I found myself muttering this to myself and decided to ask older wiser lions what else I needed to work on to ensure my survival in the face of our inevitable invasion of brain munchers. Seems I missed a memo that all those gurus already knew about, making them worth the proverbial trip up the mountain of knowledge. Color me the humble acolyte when I learned what I was missing was GPP – General Physical Preparedness.
Your Texas girl was guilty of the cardinal sin, mistaking cardio for conditioning. Having been enlighten to my foolishness now I know better and I want to share! Lucky you, right? Check out the links below for some articles already written by a couple of those gurus I mentioned above.
Last year I learned sleds are a beautiful thing, my beautiful survivors. A quick 20-30 minute circuit of those is one heck of a workout that gets the whole body involved, and is more than enough to lay all six and a half feet of my distance runner baby brother out on the grass begging to puke so he could do the next round (sibling love right there, ridicule and a brag all in one, and proof he will endure the hordes).
As a lover of the iron and a hater of the jumping, I admit that 90% of my GPP is done with weights. At present the most I can manage is 30minutes of all-go-no-quit before I am a puddle of sweat and hate on the gym/garage floor.  Dumbbells or kettlebells and some drive will get you through a lot of the basics listed in the articles above. For those that don’t care for callused hands and the sharp smell of rusting metal, give a round of burpees, jumps and such a run. The effects will be measureable and achievable in a reasonable time frame, long before the shambling mass makes it to your door you will be able to out distance them.
Enjoy! And always remember to double tap!


  1. Great stuff! I have a love hate relationship with burpees, but you can't argue that they are effective and simple. They require little space and no equipment. When I'm short on time and want to get in a bit of extra work, a few sets of tabata burpees, jumping squats, and lunges do quite well. Add a few hollow body holds and a bit of plank and you get some pretty intense work done in less than 20 minutes.

  2. Breaking out the kettle bells this week! take that zombie scum!!!