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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Season Opener in Texas: North TX Kickoff Games & Clinic

First Games of the Season are at the end of this month!

The North Texas Kickoff Games in Ft. Worth, TX.

The North Texas Heavies are putting on their season Opener the Kick Off Games in Ft. Worth at the Zoo Park on Feb 26, 2012. Saturday, Feb 25th, they are hosting a clinic put on by the Vincent Brothers, who are some pretty outstanding throwers! I am personally really pumped to hear what they have to say.

The North TX crew are pretty much experts at putting on an amazing games. I have never had a bad moment at any games these fine fellows (and their partners) have put on. The judges are great, everything is set up, the swag is sweet, and the food is awesome. It’s a pretty amazing set up, plus, the lions at the zoo occasionally like to let it be known that they are just beyond the trees!

Vincent Brothers Clinic:
When: Saturday, Feb 25th
Where: Forest Park, Fort Worth, TX
Time: 9am sharp

Kick Off Games:
When: Sunday Feb 26
Where: Forest Park, Fort Worth, TX
Time: 9am sharp

If you haven’t signed up for the clinic or the games and you want to (and why wouldn't you want to)– please contact: Mark Cannon or Duncan McCallum at info@northtexasheavies.com or call Mark at 1-214-675-2829.

The entry form is at the bottom of the upcoming event page.


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