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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starting Lifting after Surgery

HELLO out there. Friendly Neighborhood Tammy posting after a long break.

Tuesday this week I had my first session back from hernia surgery (October last year). Mine was a hiatal hernia, not a lower abdominal hernia, but recovery from any intestinal surgery was significantly more difficult then I had imagined.  

3 x 5 reps of front squats – bar only (45lbs)
3 x 5 reps of bench press – 65lbs

Mildly pathetic, but you have to start back somewhere.

I’ve also been focusing on weight loss for the last 5 months. Now that I’m 40+lbs down since I last was lifting, my body is moving very differently.  chiefly, I’m weak as a newborn foal, and about as wobbly.  I’m actually a little worried that I’m going to have trouble with my events in the highland games now that everything is so much smaller.   Not a bad problem to have, but, worrisome.
I had talked about goal-setting with Brittney, but since life has seriously been getting in the way of enjoyment for the last 8 months, and currently no break on the horizon (we are selling our house and will have to move this year), I don’t have much energy left for any serious commitments to a training schedule that involves "regular like" practicing of my throwing.

Such is life. 

I have most of the basics down. My technique is often poor, ham-handed, and more BF&I (brute force and ignorance) than finesse, but I manage to get through, and damn it, I have a good time doing it.  So my goals this year are pretty basic:
  1. Lift weights twice a week
  2. Get on my bike three times a week
  3. Walk the dog and enjoy what bright spots I can between working, cleaning, and (fingers crossed) packing and moving. Most of those bright spots will be weekends in the wilds of Texas on a large flat grassy spaces, with the  enjoyable people of the Highland Games, and their spouses, friends, and pets.
With that said, I’m currently printing off my first entry of the year – North Texas Kickoff Games.  Feb 23rd in Fort Worth, TX at the excellent Zoo fields.  A fantastic day and I can’t wait to go out and give this new/old/repaired body a run around, visit with the great people of the games, and who knows, maybe even get a sheaf PR.

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