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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Do I play? 5. The Sheaf Toss

The continuing saga of what the Highland games events entail bring us to our next height event... the sheaf toss.

No...not SHEEP..... SHEAF....

Which, back in the day, was likely a sheaf of hay bound up, but has now transformed into a cube of burlap fabric stuffed with rope/mulch or other materials to a certain weight (10lbs,12lbs,16lbs or 20lbs depending on class).

This is the only event where we use an "tool" to assist in the throwing. The Sheaf Fork. This is a large, long handled fork of no more than 5 foot long. Depending on where you are in the world the number of tines varies, some places require three and some allow just two.

We will focus on the basics.
The sheaf is a 10lb or 12lb (for the ladies) burlap type material bag stuffed with either chopped rope, straw, or mulch. The fork is stuck through the bag, and then the sheaf is tossed over a cross bar with the fork. Three attempts are allowed at each height, which usually increases by two feet per round. If the thrower misses all three tries at one height, then she is out of the competition.

The trick is to let the legs and the fork do the work. There are several schools of thought on the technique, but it basically is generating momentum with the arms, back and legs, then a quick halt to force the bag off the fork and up (hopefully) over the bar behind you. The stance is the similar to the Weight Over Bar – that being – back to the standards.

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