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Friday, May 27, 2011

Throw like a Girl

Here is another blog that I can't wait to read more on! Throw like a Girl

We've competed with Felecia and she is amazing. I'm going to get her to write a guest post for sure (You've just been served F!).

I can feel a clinic coming on this winter!

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  1. I would gladly write an article for your blog girl! I am not sure I am the right person to be writing an article since I am still a "newbie" to the Highland Games world but as a "newbie" I sure can try! This will be my 2nd season in the games!

    I would love to put on a clinic but like I said I am still learning.

    I have had some awesome coaching! I have been very very lucky to have met Dave Glasgow(Rainbow Bend, KS) and Laynne Burnett (Peabody, KS)to help me get started on this journey. Both of these men have helped me SOOO MUCH! They have also introduced me to some AMAZING people that have also helped me!

    I love my HG family!

    GOD has definitely BLESSED ME!