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Monday, August 1, 2011

Texas Scottish Festival - Recap!

Texas Scottish Festival, in Arlington, Texas, boasts three days of throwing, live music, shopping and history for attendants.  Two separate fields at opposite ends of the festival allow crowds to see the the whole festival while visiting throwing events on each end. The main field sits just next to the main music stage, offering up a variety of Celtic music throughout the day and well into the evening.

Friday night kicked off the games this year with the women’s and novice classes starting throws at 6PM. With the searing Texas heat, this is more a blessing than you might think. While not yet sunset, it offered a bit of relief and brought the heat down a notch. Sean Betz came out to the field on Friday night and offered helpful advice as needed for both classes, conducting a quick lesson or two on basics for the novices.

As it was only the second year for the women’s class to have a spot at this event, the class was small, with just of five Texas throwers. The small field allowed events to move quickly.  Lorraine Cantu threw her very first game without a single practice under her belt and managed firm marks in 6 events.  Shannon Watson limped her way onto the field with an ankle brace, yet she was unwilling to give up the chance to throw at one of her favorite games.  Tomasina Miller laid down proof she has been throwing with her husband, Kevin, on a regular basis with some much improved throws over last season. Yours truly and Tammy Kentner traded wins all evening for a tight race to the finish.  Cabers were brutal whippy green sticks that prevented anyone from earning full rotation. 

It all came down to the height events. Thrown by stadium lights and called by the ever witty James Parmen as announcer, the final throws of the night had as much energy as the first toss of the day. Field records were broken down all over the women’s class. Just two points marked the difference between first and second, a narrow win for me against an up-and-coming monster in the form of Tammy Kentner. Learn the name folks, you will hear it a good deal in the coming months. 

~ Brittney Boswell

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