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Monday, September 12, 2011

Kansas City Scottish Highland Games - Recap Continues!

June is a month rich with highland games opportunities and Kansas City’s offering is an excellent choice. This year they hosted the Under 190 National Championship in addition to three men’s master’s , three women’s (including a master’s) and three men’s classes. A two day game with three trigs and two height standards on a massive field there is defiantly room for every thrower in your group to stretch out and go for broke on their throws.
With a 9AM start things got rolling pretty smoothly. The women’s A and B divisions traveled together with a total of ten throwers in the group. The master’s women’s class on Sunday also saw five throwers, with Dawn Higgins playing some Iron Man games and throwing both days!
Starting in a not traditional order the women kicked it off with WOB. While this may well be my least favorite way to start the day, it didn’t seem to hurt anyone’s numbers. KC doesn’t allow the spin on WOB or sheaf, so be aware you must stand and deliver your throws for this game! From here the day progressed as a game of inches, trading top placement among several throwers throughout the day.
Caber was a game of skill to be sure, with a stick that was both short and light. Four of the five A class throwers had perfect 12’o’clocks to their names, meaning it took a series of perfect scores to win this event! What a showdown. The difference between first and second was a single point at the days end. Prizes were beautiful hand crafted Celtic knot-work art for first through third in each class. Texas women took home second in the A class, Brittney Boswell, and first place in the B class, Sarah Densmore. You can bet this field will see me again, and I will once more try to convince the ADs to add in open stone!

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