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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Austin, there is no place like home...

 If I clicked my ruby slippers (or cleats) three times and hopefully whispered the phrase, there is no place like home, the winds of Oz would send me right back to central Texas. Growing up just down the highway from Austin, this festival always feels a bit like going home again, and not just because it is the most likely event for my family to attend. The music, the people and the over all feel of Austin Celtic Festival reminds me of all the small town festivals attended in my youth.


This year the fest expanded to include a few other Celtic athletic events, Gaelic Football and Hurling, in addition to Highland Games and dance. Who in their great and powerful wisdom decided that more flying monkeys were needed for this show, I don't know, but I certainly approve. It was nice to get a quick chance to support the other styles of athletics out there.

This show offers plenty of vendors and historical displays, complete with a viking camp, or as I like to call it, Munchkin Land. Food is second to none with more than a dozen different shops to chose from. Guinness, Strongbow, Fireman's 4, Smithwick's, Shakespeare Stout and at least a handful of others can be found on tap at the two large bar areas. Don't miss out on the kettle corn and the fresh squeezed lemonade!

The highland games field is fairly close to the main music stage, so we are provided with an all day ebb and flow of music. The true highlight is when the Wizard behind the curtain of this show, Mike Baab, picks up a mic and starts riffing on all the throwers.

Saturday saw 27 throwers on the field, Open Class, Women's Class and Masters. Sunday would see the same setup with different faces. With so many throwers and limited space, it is only a six event day; weights, stones, cabers and wob. All six of the women that threw on Saturday had a strong showing, from our fresh faced newbie Blare to the champ of the day Liv. Spencer Tyler laid out a personal best with LWFD at something along the lines of 89 feet. Baab always has a herd of newbies, and they bring a lot of enthusiasm to the game.

Yours truly had a fair-to-middling game throwing right about par. The highlight of the day was getting to wrangle with a 17 foot 90lb caber. Qualifier moved me on to the women's caber, which then moved me onto this gnarly beast. A springy cedar caber that had a wicked roll, first attempt ended up in a bail, second attempt ended up in about a 20 degree throw off just four fingers, and the final attempt was a nice easy pick with only a final 60 degree. *sigh* I will face off against it again this weekend in Salado!

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