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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Story of The Shorts!

"What are you wearing under your kilt?”
This is usually when I flash some thigh to the crowd and display my ruffled undershorts. Cue laughter.

Rumba butt bloomers are not part of the typical gamer's uniform, and they generate a lot of questions at most Celtic festivals. Here is the story
behind my "signature short".

I found highland games via the Ren Faire where I was a performer as part of the cast. Think of it as one of the guys dressed as Mickey or the girls that play the Princesses at Disney, we are there as part of the scenery to make folks interact and laugh. We did a demo show twice a day of the highland games, in all our ren faire garb. The theatre geek is strong with this one, no doubt. Never one to miss the chance to accessorize, I snagged a pair of "petty pants" for my first games. During that game I fell more than once, being made of grace as I am. My comment "If you are ganna flash your ass at the crowd all day, might as well make sure it looks good."

These days I don't fall down much, but I do work the crowd. Ruffles and lace are a fast way to snag any little girls attention, it shows a softer side to the
games. Dressing the part and playing to the crowd is part of the gig. One must always remember, we throw rocks and sticks for fun, never take it too seriously.

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