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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Note from Matt Hand of Strong and Far

Hello my beautiful Yellow Roses of Texas, 

I would love to welcome you outstanding highland athletes to the Strong and Far Nation. My friend Dom Gonzalez and I both being retired NCAA athletes, and current strength athletes wanted to create a place where all the strength sports could live together and grow the world of strength athletics. Bringing together Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman, Olympic Lifting, and in your case (and mine) the Highland Games.

We have had a really good start to our endeavor with help from some of the most premier athletes in their sports. One of which you know really well in Duncan McCallum. And also we have had interest from world renown powerlifters and olympic lifters as well as a guest spot from the World Champ himself Matt Vincent. 

So what does this for you, StrongandFar.com is a place where you, as athletes, can ask questions, answer questions, watch training videos, and pick up new and great ideas for you to get better as a Highland Gamer. As well as being able to promote yourself on a national and international level to get to new games and meet and/or recruit new athletes. We encourage interaction and the sharing of ideas so that the sports grow and you The Strong and Far nation grows as well

So, If getting better at the Highland Games or any strength sport is your goal, Then StrongandFar.com is the place for you!

Please take time to browse our website StrongandFar.com
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Thank You So Much For Reading,

StrongandFar.com Co-Founder
Matt Hand

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