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To increase awareness and involvement of women in the sport of the Highland Games. Promoting a fun, active, family friendly and competitive sport by providing information and resources to all those interested in joining us in our continuing adventures!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Like a phoenix ...

Like a phoenix from the ashes, like the kraken from the deep, like yeast in a good sourdough, we will rise!!!
The last six months have seen lots of change and challenge for your intrepid Texas team. Many miles, games and milestones have come and gone. You will simply have to take our word, the season happened. For some of us the off season has begun, like it or not. Now comes the time to regroup, rebuild and reacquaint ourselves with our goals.

BUT! Before all that heavy lifting and soul searching, something fun. Over the next week or so we will introduce you to all the new throwers who picked up Highland Games in our area. There will be pictures and intro articles to the handful of new ladies in our region. After which we will return you to your regularly scheduled games reviews, rants and raves about products, lifting and conditioning advice  and the occasional musings of WHY we do this thing.

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